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Husbandry Advisor:

As Willow Brook Grief Retreat and Sanctuary gracefully falls into place this year I want to welcome our newest advisor! He is the advisory over our husbandry. Thank you Curtis Shields! Here is his bio: > Iíve been in the cattle business for over 25 years. I was around them growing up as well, as I worked on my uncleís farm helping with his cattle. I have a herd of 93 cows, mostly angus with a few Herefords included. Iím a member of the Missouri Cattlemenís association and was president of the Carroll County Cattlemenís Association for eight years. After years of building my herd, I feel that it can compete with the best! I calve in the fall each year! Watching nature is an amazing event for me! Curtis he is also the retired fire chief. He has an amazing background and care for animals and for humans! <3 Thank you! Laura

Mark Kerr

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